Futureproof your business and
rebuild your legacy applications

Rebuilding an existing application – often just called a rebuild, application rebuild, system redesign, or something similar – is a special kind of project. Because you have an existing application in place, you have to think about a number of things differently than if you were building from scratch – design, requirements, testing, and rollout all have unique requirements when rebuilding an existing application.

At Exadel we have approximately 20 years of experience with application rebuilds and know how to handle your project. We understand the specialized steps that are necessary when recreating and re-imagining the app that you already have.

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Advantages of an application rebuild with Exadel

  • You’ll serve your end users more effectively.
  • The new system will grow with your business and be “future proof.”
  • Your business risk will decrease by removing technology that is obsolete or is past its End-of-Life.
  • You’ll experience better reliability and increased efficiency.
  • Your cost structure will be in better alignment.
  • We can help you with trained staff for continued maintenance.

See Examples of Our Work

Work with a team that has experience with varied and complex application rebuild-specific challenges. Give us a call and we can discuss how we can assist you with your rebuild project.

We have a holistic approach to application rebuilds. Our process includes:

  • USER INTERVIEWS – who uses the application today and how do they use it?
  • DATA MIGRATION – do you need to migrate data from one system to another?
  • DATA VALIDATION TESTING – do you need to perform data validation related to complex calculations?
  • APPLICATION ROLL OUT – when, where, and how will you switch off the old software system and begin using the new system?
  • TRAINING – how will you train your team on the new system?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “It will be easy because it’s a rebuild.” Few application rebuilds end up being easy. Many are complex and difficult because of the hidden and unique system requirements

Investing in a software system rebuild with Exadel enables strategic growth your company needs. Allow us to “future proof” your software system with a solution that will grow with your business.

We reduce the risk of replacing your system through our careful planning and years of legacy software system replacement experience. We know your system is critical to running your business operations and incredibly important to maintaining efficiency.

Replacing a legacy software system can be disruptive, but we minimize those disruptions through our strategic planning and strong communication. We’ll make the transition as painless as possible. With a new system from Exadel, you can have the expansion that was previously impossible because your software system could not scale. We can accommodate the greater complexity and variety you need.