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When creating applications for the cloud it is important to understand how resources and services are most effectively utilized on your cloud platform with respect to both performance and cost. Moreover, it is vital to be familiar with the software development tools and services available in your cloud platform.

We often describe databases and data storage systems as being the foundation on which custom software applications are built. Big data now forms an important part of many successful business plans. We help you build a data strategy to solve how your custom web or mobile software applications support your current and future business data needs.

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Advantages of working with Exadel

  • IDENTIFY BUSINESS VALUE – develop data storage solutions that will drive business opportunities.
  • PLATFORM INTEGRATION – design and implement apps that are touch-based, interactive, and scale across a wide range of devices.
  • DATA VALIDATION – understand and manage data, security, power, and connectivity issues.
  • COMMUNICATION – communicate well with your business, software, and hardware teams.

See Examples of Our Work

Leading-edge data storage platforms have made it easy to access a variety of traditional relational data storage and cloud-based data storage options, including: SQL Databases, Azure Tables, Google BigTable, Redis, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Glacier, Blob Storage, NoSQL, and more.

So, while the tools available to technologists have become more specialized and better suited for specific tasks, our developers and architects understand all available options well and how to employ each option effectively.

Our team also understands the pitfalls of each storage platform and sets stakeholder expectations appropriately. We specialize in understanding the trade-offs and how to navigate choosing one storage platform over another. 

Our cloud experience isn’t just limited to storage – our experience extends into cloud computing solutions, such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Lambda. We’ve developed apps built on these platforms that are scalable and ready to handle large amount of operations.

Work with a team that has experience with varied and complex application cloud-specific challenges.