Exadel has long been at the forefront of open source development, developing a number of open source products used by developers and enterprises worldwide and contributing to dozens of projects and products

Many organizations recognize and embrace the economic benefits of choosing open source solutions as an alternative to proprietary software to create business-critical enterprise applications. CIOs are concerned about vendor lock-in, software price increases, escalating support costs, abandoned products or releases, and cancellation of support for proprietary software products. Open source software offers an alternative option based on reliability, security, and scalability.

The integration of open source into development environments is well-suited for all types of enterprise business requirements as long as it is correctly developed and deployed.

Exadel has always been a leader in making open source work at the enterprise level. Open source software continues to offer a great deal of promise. To realize this promise in an enterprise environment requires the skills and experience brought to the table by Exadel.

Here are some key open source areas in which we have been involved heavily as community partners and in helping businesses get the most from open source.

Application and Web Servers
WildflyTomcatJettyGlassfishApache Geronimo
App Development Frameworks
Content Management Systems