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Extend your team or fill in gaps in your development resources while keeping your standards and expectations high. Today, companies understand value price point, looking to augment their team at the best value not just the cheapest price. Our developers have experience to back their STEM degrees. Why does this matter? Because although boot camps teach basic programming skills, there is a gap in understanding algorithms, data structures, memory management and other core fundamentals. With the exception of a few situations, strong skills greatly improve quality, maintainability and problem solving. So choose wisely, it will pay off.

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Exadel can assemble a team of software engineers, Scrum Masters, QA specialists, designers, project and product managers to help you. Use Exadel when value quality and have variable development needs that aren’t consistent. Contact us to learn about pricing and availability.

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Verifone, Application Testing for Terminals, Extending Development Teams

Verifone sells merchant-operated, consumer-facing, and self-service payment systems to the financial, retail, hospitality, petroleum, government, and healthcare industries. Throughout the world, merchants, processors, and acquirers in both developed and emerging economies use the company’s solutions. Verifone needed quality assurance resources to help test a new product that would connect banks and consumers. With nearly two decades of QA experience, Exadel stepped in to fill the gaps on their team. The Exadel team worked closely with Verifone to develop custom testing software to ensure the applications usability and security.

Technology skills & proven experience

  • Web Front End
    JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML5, Responsive Design…
  • Microsoft Azure
    C#, .Net, Web Apps…
  • iOS (iPad/iPhone)
    Objective C, Location Services, Gamification…
  • Google Cloud Platform
    Python, App Engine…
  • Android
    Java, Location Services, Gamification…
  • Storage
    SQL, NoSQL, Object Store, Table Store…
  • Internet of Things
    Bluetooth, BLE…
  • Custom Integration
    Hardware, Web Services, Proprietary APIs…
  • Legacy
    ASP.Net, Relational DBs…

Why Exadel over other software developers?

  • We have worked with hundreds of enterprise companies and entrepreneurs as their custom software development partner.

  • Our skillset is advantageously diverse – we design, develop, implement, and launch mobile, web, cloud, and backend applications.

  • Our technology solutions and implementation strategies are dynamic and custom developed to support YOUR present-day and future business goals.

  • We use your budget efficiently by intelligently integrating your existing systems and databases.

  • Our developers are well versed with security and data issues – we use the most-up-to-date techniques to ensure your protection.

  • We deliver releases faster through our modern approach and process for testing and deployment.

  • Your users will have a great experience because we use innovative data storage over traditional relational databases.

  • We provide you with ongoing support services to keep your application strong through its lifecycle.

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