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Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) is one of the world’s largest healthcare supply chain companies. Through constant innovation, GHX works toward driving costs out of healthcare through transforming the healthcare supply chain by efficiently connecting providers and suppliers.

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GHX had a vision to extend its existing exchange even further. The company wanted to create a more scalable, reliable, highly available, and supportable Exchange platform that would also accommodate high growth and new opportunities among trading partners. (GHX needed to be in a position to consolidate different systems from a wave of recent acquisitions.)


GHX partnered with Exadel to develop CoreX, the industry’s most advanced e-commerce platform for healthcare. CoreX was built from the ground up for both cloud and non-cloud access. The CoreX platform’s key strengths include: advanced security, massive scalability, expanded reliability, total transparency, and improved usability over the old platform.

Exadel leveraged the newest technology, using AngularJS, JavaScript, and MongoDB to build GHX’s platform. Powered by components that form a robust document processing, transaction, and routing platform, it uses best-practice security and auditing techniques. The platform provides a centralized and non-refutable message trail for all activities that occur in the system. All data is safeguarded—encrypted when stored and secured in transit.


CoreX currently enables more than 22,000 health care provider facilities and more than 10,000 health care suppliers and distributors to transact business electronically through GHX’s e-commerce exchange.

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