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We build software that powers the newest and coolest technology within the Internet of Things and wearables ecosystem. Whether it is activity trackers, connected homes, or sensors worn on the body or even implanted in the body, we have the experience to build software that pushes the limits of the hardware.

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Wearable Technology

Make no mistake; mobile tech is about to enter a brand-new phase when it comes to wearable technology and we’re excited to be playing a leading role within it.

Our deep Android and iOS experience with enterprise and consumer mobile apps – matched with our ability to generate innovative tech ideas – makes us a great partner for your wearables projects. We have worked and continue to partner with various enterprise companies and startup ventures on their wearable apps for Android Wear and Apple Watch.

We understand the opportunities and limits that toolkits provide. We help guide you in what’s possible and steer you in the direction that makes sense to achieve your company’s current and future business goals.

Whether you are leveraging an existing wearable device (Android Wear, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Pebble, FitBit) or a custom-built wearable device, we are experienced in designing and building your full-stack software solution. Smartwatch and wearable app development is creating new opportunities for enterprises to be at the forefront of their industry. Leverage Exadel to brainstorm how to capitalize on the high-growth wearable device market and take your business to the next level.


Barcode Technology

Barcodes are everywhere today – on food packaging, clothing, cars, advertisements, web pages, and many other places. Barcode technology stores data in a way that makes it easy for computers to understand. What computers do with that information is up to the applications that read the barcodes and the business goals of the company creating it.

At Exadel we have experience building applications and apps utilizing various kinds of barcode technologies – both for applications reading barcodes and for creating them. Entrepreneurs and organizations have found a myriad of new and novel uses for barcodes now that a barcode scanner is available in everyone’s pocket in the form of a smartphone.

Whether you are developing an application to support barcode technology or need to develop a barcode strategy, Exadel can help you with your project. We have extensive experience leveraging hardware and devices with an app or applications that enrich user experience.

We have helped organizations use and interpret complex barcodes for munitions and automobile VIN numbers, as well as reading standard barcodes on commercial products that you buy every day. We also have experience with more advanced barcode technologies like 3D barcodes.

Advantages of working with Exadel

  • IDENTIFY BUSINESS VALUE – brainstorm wearable and barcode technology product ideas that will drive business opportunities.
  • PLATFORM INTEGRATION – design and implement apps that are touch-based, interactive, and scale across a wide range of devices.
  • DATA VALIDATION – understand and manage data, security, power, and connectivity issues.
  • COMMUNICATION – communicate well with your business, software, and hardware teams.

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