Beautiful interfaces that are easy to use and easy to love

The world of software and apps is changing quickly. Your great idea needs a great user interface designed and built with a modern customer in mind. The Exadel team has the front end development experience to bring your project to life.

We have experience building applications using JavaScript and various frameworks like AngularJS, React, Knockout, and JQuery.

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Advantages of working with Exadel

  • IDENTIFY BUSINESS VALUE – brainstorm front end software solutions that will drive your technology and business opportunities.
  • PLATFORM INTEGRATION – design and implement apps that are touch-based, interactive, and scale across a wide range of devices.
  • DATA VALIDATION – understand and manage data, security, power, and connectivity issues.
  • COMMUNICATION – communicate well with your business, software, and hardware teams.

See Examples of Our Work

We have a deep understanding of what it takes to develop beautiful front end interfaces for your apps. We consider:

  • MOBILE FIRST – do you need a mobile app or a mobile-responsive web application? This is an important question and we know that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. What’s certain is that we work with you to understand your end users, their mobile habits and experience expectations.
  • FRONT END TECHNOLOGIES – today, highly interactive web applications aren’t the exception; it’s the standard that users expect. We have the experience to help identify and implement the best technologies for your app.
  • ENCOURAGE GREAT USER EXPERIENCE – users anticipate to find information within your app intuitively. We work with you to understand your business needs and align feature requirements and user experience to achieve your goals.