Our digital software engineering expertise enables our international clients to deliver solutions quicker so they can respond to customer demands in the changing technology landscape.

From enterprise software development and mobile applications to digital transformation and cloud support, high tech and software companies rely on Exadel to support their growing enterprises. At Exadel, we understand the push to expedite the delivery of scalable, stable, secure, and high-performing solutions within a typical software development lifecycle.


Exadel works with organizations of all sizes as their full-cycle technology and solutions development partner. From architecture design to implementation, product launch, and ongoing support, Exadel has the talent and dedicated resources to produce successful business results.


With 23 locations and delivery centers across the US and Europe, Exadel can meet the global demands of our clients. Our team of 1000+ developers and consultants follow Agile methodologies to develop end-to-end solutions of any scope.


Providing powerful solutions and services for architecture design, infrastructure support, multi-channel platforms, e-commerce development, mobile applications, big data resources, and digital transformation, Exadel delivers the innovation needed for a competitive advantage.

Clients Solutions

microsoft featured
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Video production sharing platform

The project was developed as a way of showcasing Microsoft technologies while developing a system for high resolution video production and sharing.The app supports encrypted high-resolution video sharing across the Web.

pure storage building
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Approach to UI/UX, personalization and performance

As a participating vendor, Exadel is in charge of the website architecture, developing the backend and frontend, implementing the test strategy, and conducting test engineering. The solution is based on the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) tool.

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