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The power-efficiency of Bluetooth with low energy functionality makes it perfect for devices that run for long periods, such as coin cell batteries or energy-harvesting devices. Native support for Bluetooth technology on every major operating system enables us to develop for a broad range of connected devices, from home appliances and security systems to fitness monitors and proximity sensors.

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Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

Exadel has been creating mobile apps that leverage Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) since those technologies first became available. Connecting IoT devices to mobile applications directly is a great fit for user-centered devices that need to provide data or status updates to a user, or when a device needs immediate user feedback.

BLE fits well in the technology portfolios of IoT manufacturers in the home automation, consumer electronics, and healthcare industries. Apps that work with these kinds of devices have unique needs and hurdles – we have a deep knowledge and a proven skill set to tackle these challenges, including: hardware interaction, multi-vendor integration, and app-store approval. Whether you are developing new hardware or are using an existing device that supports BLE, Exadel can help you with your BLE project.


Beacon Technology

Beacons are a location-based technology that allows you to pinpoint your users and give them targeted information based on their current, physical location. Exadel has extensive experience implementing beacon solutions that align with our clients’ business objectives.

Whether you are adding beacon technology to an existing application or developing hardware or device that supports beacon technology, Exadel can work with you to understand your business needs, design an efficient solution to reach your goals, and implement the appropriate solution to leverage beacon technology.

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Advantages of working with Exadel

  • IDENTIFY BUSINESS VALUE – brainstorm low energy and beacon technology product ideas that will drive business opportunities.
  • PLATFORM INTEGRATION – design and implement apps that are touch-based, interactive, and scale across a wide range of devices.
  • DATA VALIDATION – understand and manage data, security, power, and connectivity issues.
  • COMMUNICATION – communicate well with your business, software, and hardware teams.

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