The Ways Tech Is Driving E-commerce

Jan 7, 2019
“A more recent innovation that is helping transform e-commerce experience is the combination of blockchain and IoT. The possibility of products being aware of their own state, combined with blockchain to instantly process a transaction, opens new horizons for...
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New Article by Jonathan Fries: The Big Challenge for Sports Betting

Aug 29, 2018
We at Exadel have been closely following the opening up of sports betting as an industry since the recent US Supreme Court decision legalizing online betting. Since we’re a software engineering company, we are obviously inclined to see software engineering as...
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Exadel’s Digital Insights Webcast Series Rolls Out

Jul 7, 2018
Back on June 22 we announced the launch of our Digital Insights webcast series to explore the trends affecting the work of enterprise software in furtherance of the huge leap coming in technology’s impact on how business at all levels will be done—often called...
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The Amazon IoT Button: Dedicated Hardware to Do One Cool Thing

May 11, 2018
Jonathan Fries, Exadel’s VP for Software Development, has just posted another interesting article on IoT Agenda. Jonathan looks at how Amazon has taken their Dash button for consumers to reorder a product automatically with a press of a button for that product...
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Fima Katz Talks Fintech at European Conference

Apr 20, 2018
The Conference of the Chamber of Brokerage Houses is an annual meeting of the leading figures involved in the capital market in Poland including investors, brokerage houses, banks, government bodies, government organizations, and stock exchanges. On March 9th-11th,...
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