Exadel Developer Q&A with Ivan Tserashkou
Remote and Dispersed Work Tips and Challenges

Read more Remote and Dispersed Work Tips and Challenges from Exadel employees Exadel developers have many years of experience working remotely with dispersed teams located all around the world. In this interview in our Developer Q&A series, we talked about remote...
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The DevOps and Software Development Trends Arising from Remote Work

The new normal of remote work is here. While the option to work from home was available at many organizations before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, this way of working has become a forced reality in certain industries. Lockdown restrictions are starting to ease up, but...
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Exadel Internal Hackathon Generates Outstanding Digital Solution PoCs

Three weeks of hard work by six teams culminated in a final ceremony that felt more like a friendly competition than a heated showdown. The internal hackathon, organized by one of Exadel’s Senior Delivery managers and the head of our Expert group, is the latest in a...
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Positive Developments for Exadel in the Second Quarter of 2020

Despite a global pandemic and business slow-downs, Exadel continues to thrive and grow based on its distributed Agile engineering and development model. Exadel announced strong momentum in the second quarter of 2020, including increased sales, the addition of new...
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Tech After Covid: The Top 4 Emerging Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted life and work in ways that were unimaginable and will have long-term effects that lead to a new “normal.” With many countries and states beginning to re-open and create plans for the future, it’s becoming clear that going back to the...
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