AEM Techies Take Note: We Built AEM Authoring Toolkit for You

What’s the Problem? Creating components makes up more than half the dev time in AEM. Generally speaking, a component is going to be an authorable data presentation — a Sling model of a POJO class shipped with some content-generating logic. Modern AEM websites are...
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AEM Tip: CryptoSupport Key Sharing and Troubleshooting

Find more AEM tips… If you use AEM as a CMS for your site, one day you will need to think about securely storing your sensitive data like passwords. In order to keep your data secure, you can use the  CryptoSupport service that comes with AEM. CryptoSupport...
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AEM Tip: JUnit AemContext Integration with an AEM Repository

It’s difficult to imagine a modern software application that can live without JUnit tests. In a previous article on JUnit testing, JUnit Tests for WCMUsePojo Objects, we included a tip involving a project we were working on. For this article, we use the same project...
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AEM Tip: Use an Automated Test Framework

This Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) tip isn’t really about AEM, but more about the process for our team in working on AEM projects. Also, unlike our other tips, this post uses a dialog format to present the subject of test automation. See what you...
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Classic to Touch UI Migration for AEM: Page Properties

In our previous post on Classic to TouchUI migration we described some “quirks” that we have encountered. In this new post, we focus on the issue of migrating Page Properties, which must be done upfront since AEM doesn’t provide a compatibility mode for them, as it...
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