Getting More out of Multi-Cloud for the Enterprise

Oct 8, 2019
In recent years, multi-cloud has seen a massive increase in popularity for businesses of all sizes and verticals. But what is driving this increase in multi-cloud solutions and how can your organization make the most out of a cloud strategy?Origins of...
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Looking Behind the Curtain at Digital Marketing Technology Trends

The key to a strong digital marketing strategy is harnessing the massive amount of data created from marketing initiatives in an efficient, useful way. Advanced technology and sophisticated marketing tools serve as the essential source for managing this data and using...
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Emerging Technology Convergence: Is It Fact or Fiction?

Sep 6, 2019
In the world of IT and software development, it seems that new technologies are emerging faster than ever. Driven by the incredible demands of digital transformation, big data, and the Internet of Things, it seems that there is a “must-have” tech coming to the market...
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CrossKube Q&A: Rapid Deployment of Environments to Any Cloud

We recently sat down with InData Labs CTO Alexey Tsiunchik to discuss the ways in which our Kubernetes deployment solution, CrossKube, can help support InData’s initiatives. InData Labs is a leading data science firm and AI-powered solutions provider helping...
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To Bet or Not to Bet…on Digital Transformation: 3 Trends Reshaping the Gambling Industry

Many industries are driving better customer experience and customer satisfaction via digital transformation. The gambling industry should be no exception. Improved customer experience for betters and gamblers is what keeps them coming back. That’s why the...
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Digital Transformation for Toll Road Authorities: Past • Present • Future

Millions of people use toll roads every single day, and yet it is unlikely that many of them actually know how electronic toll road collection works. The tolling system seems simple at first glance, but behind the scenes, there are a lot of moving parts that make it...
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