Secrets of Successful Remote or Dispersed IT Teams

Apr 10, 2020
In today’s business climate, the reality of remote work is sinking in, especially for technology teams who must continue to work to keep the lights on. As more workers move to remote settings and consumers and users begin to rely more heavily on digital apps and...
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Emerging Technology Convergence: Is It Fact or Fiction?

Sep 6, 2019
In the world of IT and software development, it seems that new technologies are emerging faster than ever. Driven by the incredible demands of digital transformation, big data, and the Internet of Things, it seems that there is a “must-have” tech coming to the market...
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5 Reasons to Consider Adopting Agile Software Delivery (If You Haven’t Already)

Agile software delivery is a methodology that streamlines processes that help organizations continually analyze and improve a product or platform throughout the development lifecycle. Using an iterative approach, Agile sets short, specific goals (sprints) for each...
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Educating the Software Engineers of the Future

Nov 16, 2018
We all look toward the future, whether it is regarding our own lives or the lives of the world’s youth. However, the question most often asked is how to prepare for it. There is no doubt technology is, and will continue to be, a large part of all of our lives,...
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The Value of Open Source Code Sharing

The debate over the merits of closed source versus open source coding has been raging for decades. For those unfamiliar with the two terms: open source programs (like Red Hat Linux, Apache, and JavaScript) allow users to view, modify, and share their underlying code;...
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4 Ways a Hybrid Outsourcing Model Drives Innovation

The Evolution of Outsourcing The outsourcing model has changed throughout the years. The first iteration of outsourcing could be called Outsourcing 1.0, which focused on IT-centric services like back-office support and help desk, along with a strong focus on cost...
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