Exadel VP in Story on Women in Tech

Marie Claire mag­a­zine just pub­lished an ar­ticle cov­ering the NY CTO Women in Tech Conference in New York City (November 10th, 2015). Exadel’s Vice President of Technology Solutions, Donna Burke, at­tended the event where she was in­ter­viewed by the mag­a­zine and had a quote from her fea­tured in the article.

“We’ve made huge strides,” said Donna Burke, vice pres­i­dent of tech­nology so­lu­tions at Exadel, a global soft­ware com­pany. “I was al­ways the only girl in a group. And we were al­ways ‘girls’, not ‘women’. There is now an aware­ness that people want diversity.”

Read the whole ar­ticle, “How Much Have Things Really Changed for Women in Technology?”

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