DevSecOps Best Practices and Business Value

Jun 9, 2020
About DevSecOpsDevSecOps brings together the best of DevOps with modern security practices. DevOps streamlines and accelerates the product development lifecycle, aiming to automate as much as possible.  DevSecOps maintains this automation focus and incorporates...
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What’s Powering Digital Transformation?

May 12, 2020
Digital transformation is a buzzword that has been around for some time. For many, digital transformation started to kick into full gear in the 1990s as personal computers started to become more prevalent. This is when businesses looked at providing more digital...
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Building Resilient Distributed Software Development Teams

Apr 6, 2020
Many companies in the digital transformation space tout their ability to work in a distributed manner—working from multiple offices, from employees’ homes, from other countries—as a response to any number of possible issues: war, pandemic disease, etc. But how...
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Our DevOps Toolbox: The Consul Interview

Consul is another arrow in our quiver of DevOps tools. Recently, Michael Shklyar, a DevOps Software Engineer from the Exadel Digital Transformation Practice, recently sat down with Alexey Korzhov, a DevOps specialist from one of our client projects, to discuss Consul,...
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Our DevOps Toolbox: Consul

In a project environment with numerous services or applications that need to be registered and stored in data centers, it’s always essential to constantly track the status of these services to be sure they are working correctly and to send timely notifications if...
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