AEM Experience Fragments: Templates

Apr 17, 2020
Find more on AEM Experience Fragments… An experience fragment (XF) Is based on a template to define structure and components. Only editable templates can be used; static templates are not fully compatible. We will create such a template based on a custom template type...
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AEM Experience Fragments: Architecture

Nov 15, 2019
In this next post on AEM Experience Fragments, we’ll discuss the overall architecture by looking at these three aspects: Content model Templates Rendering HTML output Content Model Experience Fragments are regular pages with specific resource types and...
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AEM Experience Fragments: An Introduction

Oct 8, 2019
What Is XF? It’s the experience fragment feature in Adobe Experience Manager unveiled in version 6.3. Such a fragment is a group of one or more components containing both content and how to display the content. The grouping forms an experience that should make...
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