Helping the Financial Services Industry During COVID-19

Jul 8, 2020
Read about impacts and opportunities in other industries As the world adapts to the current health crisis, many industries are dealing with this disruption in a variety of ways. This blog series looks at the effects COVID-19 is having on some of the most impacted...
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Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector: Past • Present • Future

The PastLaying the Digital Footprints for the Modern Era of FinanceIt is a common misconception that the digital transformation of banks and other financial organizations is a recent phenomenon. The truth is that the trend towards the digitalization of the financial...
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4 Cloud Computing Tools Driving Growth and Scalability in the Financial Sector

Cloud migration fosters innovation by adjusting on-premise datacenter, equipment, and resources to cloud-based infrastructure. It brings several benefits to organizations including making it easier to scale up applications and helping to reduce operational costs. In...
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5 Ways Financial Organizations Are Digitally Challenging the Status Quo

Effective change always requires flexibility—the flexibility to adjust to new opportunities, to new horizons, and to adapt to growth. For just about every organization undergoing a digital transformation, major changes will affect business, employees, processes, and...
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Finance Organizations and the Digital Boom

Fima Katz, CEO at Exadel, recently shared his views on the modernization of the FinServ industry. The article, published by Financial IT, examines the drastic change in consumer expectations now requiring around-the-clock access to financial information in an industry...
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