Exadel Internal Hackathon Generates Outstanding Digital Solution PoCs

Three weeks of hard work by six teams culminated in a final ceremony that felt more like a friendly competition than a heated showdown. The internal hackathon, organized by one of Exadel’s Senior Delivery managers and the head of our Expert group, is the latest in a...
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Exadel Developers Take on COVID-19 Challenges with Employee-Led Hackathon

Exadel Developers Take on COVID-19 Challenges with Employee-Led Hackathon As the world slowly begins to open up, life remains drastically different than it was in early 2020. While we’re cautiously easing back into “normalcy,” the pandemic that transformed our lives...
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Exadel Announces Winners of Appery.io Virtual Hackathon

COVID-19 has made profound impacts on the ways of working and living. At Exadel, we have seen first-hand how technology can help individuals and businesses thrive in times of unrest. This is why we put together the “Appery.io COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon.” On April 22,...
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Global Developer Community Unites for Appery.io COVID-19 Hackathon

In these times of uncertainty and unrest, individuals and businesses around the world are finding new and unique ways of working and living. While many are able to adjust with ease to the challenges of COVID-19, others are not so able to adjust easily. Social...
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Hackathon Time in Minsk

Our Exadel Digital Marketing Technology practice together with Exadel’s internal JavaScript community group worked together to produce an in-house extended “hackathon” last December. We had a variety of reasons behind this:Our employees wanted something fun to do that...
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