Recap: Innovation Lab 2020 What Innovating the Future Looks Like

The digital revolution has evolved beyond just staying on top of the latest development tools, trends, and techniques. Today, many companies are wondering how technologies like blockchain, chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other...
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An Overview of the Innovation Lab by Exadel

Jul 2, 2019
Exadel has spent more than two decades testing and experimenting with the latest in application and platform development for some of the largest and most successful global organizations. In addition to building products and platforms for some of the top global brands,...
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Innovation Lab by Exadel Now Supports Full Chatbot Development

Earlier this week, we announced that the Innovation Cloud by Exadel fully supports chatbot application development. Now, business and technical leaders will have the opportunity to build and test chatbot applications quickly and efficiently through the Innovation Lab....
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From Vision to Decision: Exadel Launches Innovation Lab

We recently launched the Innovation Lab by Exadel giving organizations of all sizes access to a platform for experimenting with leading-edge tech, testing hypotheses, and steering business decisions.Our Innovation Lab blends an integrated customized platform with...
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