Exadel Delivers Innovation Sourcing with Recent Global Acquisitions

May 17, 2017
Here at exadel, our goal is to provide enterprise organizations around the globe the most innovative and highly specialized software development services. As part of this mission, we are excited to announce exadel’s new Innovation Sourcing strategy, following recent...
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Exadel Acquires New Company in Europe, ReeWise

Apr 11, 2017
Back in December we acquired a Polish company called Akme Software. Now, we’ve acquired another Polish company to enrich our corporate portfolio of skills, knowledge, and experience and to expand our European presence. The ReeWise acquisition significantly...
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Exadel & Amadeus Are Teaming Up to Push Technology Innovation to a New Level

Nov 28, 2016
As the founder of Exadel and Appery.io, passion for innovation is one of my driving forces. We’ve built a successful company by actively seeking new challenges and opportunities to innovate. We have a saying that exemplifies our ethos: “It’s not IT, it’s TI” – that...
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