To Bet or Not to Bet…on Digital Transformation: 3 Trends Reshaping the Gambling Industry

Many industries are driving better customer experience and customer satisfaction via digital transformation. The gambling industry should be no exception. Improved customer experience for betters and gamblers is what keeps them coming back. That’s why the...
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Introducing CrossKube: Deploy a Kubernetes Environment in Any Cloud, Fast

Kubernetes has created a lot of buzz in the software development industry. This open source system orchestrates containers automating application deployment, scaling, and management. But, deploying a Kubernetes environment can be complex.  At Exadel, we have been...
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The Impact of Tech Advances in the Healthcare Industry

Many technology solutions and software products aim to improve productivity, increase revenue, reduce costs or significantly minimize manual errors in digital organizations. However, these advances have a much greater impact on the success of a business. Technology is...
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An Overview of the Innovation Lab by Exadel

Jul 2, 2019
Exadel has spent more than two decades testing and experimenting with the latest in application and platform development for some of the largest and most successful global organizations. In addition to building products and platforms for some of the top global brands,...
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Innovation Lab by Exadel Now Supports Full Chatbot Development

Earlier this week, we announced that the Innovation Cloud by Exadel fully supports chatbot application development. Now, business and technical leaders will have the opportunity to build and test chatbot applications quickly and efficiently through the Innovation Lab....
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