The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Integration of IoT and AR

Since the early years of this decade, “big data” and “the cloud” have gone from flashy buzzwords to fundamental terms and concepts for nearly every business. Together, these two technologies are ushering in an era known as the fourth industrial...
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News Roundup: The Future Is IoT

The tech world can be a hard one to keep up with. To remedy this, we have started a news roundup blog series. In this installment, we explore the world of IoT. While IoT has opened new doors for sensors, development platforms, and other hardware, the backbone of the...
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IoT and IPv6

Aug 18, 2016
The debate around the Internet of Things and IPv6 will not hinge around how many IoT devices there will be (there will be a lot – many billions of IoT devices), but how those devices will communicate with the wider world, and what other kind of devices they will need...
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