The Amazon IoT Button: Dedicated Hardware to Do One Cool Thing

May 11, 2018
Jonathan Fries, Exadel’s VP for Software Development, has just posted another interesting article on IoT Agenda. Jonathan looks at how Amazon has taken their Dash button for consumers to reorder a product automatically with a press of a button for that product...
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Integration of IoT and AR

Since the early years of this decade, “big data” and “the cloud” have gone from flashy buzzwords to fundamental terms and concepts for nearly every business. Together, these two technologies are ushering in an era known as the fourth industrial...
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Cloud Architecture for IoT: Knowledge, Teamwork Key

Jul 11, 2017
Jonathan Fries, exadel’s VP for Software Development, posted another interesting article on IoT Agenda. Jonathan teases out what’s different in the IoT world for software development. In the article, he stresses the¬†heterogeneity of IoT development....
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Six Seismic Shifts Driving the Enterprise Tech Shake-Up

Jun 22, 2017
Our VP for Software Development, Jonathan Fries, took a look recently at the big underlying factors driving the disruptive changes happening in enterprise technology. In a DZone article, he delineates these six driving factors: Technological disruption as the new...
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How to Be an Internet of Things (IoT) Developer in the Modern Age

Apr 11, 2017
The proliferation of connected devices over the past several years has been astonishing. From everyday items like wearables and thermostats to more ambitious devices like solar panels and street lights, it seems as if there are few things that are not connected in...
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