Product World 2020: Reflections from Jonathan Fries

At the recent ProductWorld event, more than 1,500 product managers and product developers gathered in the Bay Area to broaden their knowledge through more than 30 keynote sessions, workshops, and tutorials from some of the top minds in the industry.This was an...
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Exadel’s Jonathan Fries to Speak at ProductWorld 2020

We are excited that Jonathan Fries, VP of Engineering and Digital Transformation at Exadel, will be speaking at ProductWorld 2020 in the Oakland Convention Center this month. What is ProductWorld? ProductWorld 2020 is set to be the world’s largest product...
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Our DevOps Toolbox: Kubernetes

Companies have a lot of choices in how they deploy and run applications today: bare metal, VMs, containers, serverless, etc. All of them have pros and cons and work better in some situations versus others. Exadel has experience with all of these, and we help find the...
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Getting More out of Multi-Cloud for the Enterprise

Oct 8, 2019
In recent years, multi-cloud has seen a massive increase in popularity for businesses of all sizes and verticals. But what is driving this increase in multi-cloud solutions and how can your organization make the most out of a cloud strategy?Origins of...
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CrossKube Q&A: Rapid Deployment of Environments to Any Cloud

We recently sat down with InData Labs CTO Alexey Tsiunchik to discuss the ways in which our Kubernetes deployment solution, CrossKube, can help support InData’s initiatives. InData Labs is a leading data science firm and AI-powered solutions provider helping...
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