AEM Techies Take Note: We Built AEM Authoring Toolkit for You

What’s the Problem? Creating components makes up more than half the dev time in AEM. Generally speaking, a component is going to be an authorable data presentation — a Sling model of a POJO class shipped with some content-generating logic. Modern AEM websites are...
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Introducing the Adobe Experience Manager Authoring Toolkit

Sep 16, 2019
Adobe Experience Manager is the premier content management system for complex large-scale websites. Over the last few years, Exadel’s Digital Marketing Technology practice has developed extensive experience in using AEM to serve client needs. Now, we’ve decided...
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The Value of Open Source Code Sharing

The debate over the merits of closed source versus open source coding has been raging for decades. For those unfamiliar with the two terms: open source programs (like Red Hat Linux, Apache, and JavaScript) allow users to view, modify, and share their underlying code;...
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Old Reliable: A History of MySQL

Imagine the Internet without Facebook, Twitter, or Wikipedia — impossible, right? All three of these platforms (as well as countless other platforms, including YouTube, LinkedIn, PayPal, and WordPress) were developed with MySQL, an open source relational database...
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