Tech After Covid: The Top 4 Emerging Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted life and work in ways that were unimaginable and will have long-term effects that lead to a new “normal.” With many countries and states beginning to re-open and create plans for the future, it’s becoming clear that going back to the...
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Forbes Council Post: How Private Equity Can Drive Innovation For Business

The private equity industry is no stranger to the growing demand for digital transformation. In order to best leverage their investments, private equity firms should make strategic improvements to the companies they invest in. Of all the possible organizational and...
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Looking Behind the Curtain at Digital Marketing Technology Trends

The key to a strong digital marketing strategy is harnessing the massive amount of data created from marketing initiatives in an efficient, useful way. Advanced technology and sophisticated marketing tools serve as the essential source for managing this data and using...
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To Bet or Not to Bet…on Digital Transformation: 3 Trends Reshaping the Gambling Industry

Many industries are driving better customer experience and customer satisfaction via digital transformation. The gambling industry should be no exception. Improved customer experience for betters and gamblers is what keeps them coming back. That’s why the...
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Trends in Enterprise Software Development 2019 and Beyond

Smart enterprises tend to define their roadmaps by what’s happening (and, of course, going to happen) in their industry. Especially when it comes to enterprise software development, it’s critical to stay on top of the latest technological trends. What is...
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