Building a state-of-the-art gym management platform

About ABC Financial Services

Founded in 1981, ABC Financial is the industry’s leading fitness club management software provider. The company specializes in software that strengthens the performance of any gym by reducing delinquencies, improving collections, and creating a better member experience. Its comprehensive offerings include payment processing solutions and advanced gym management solutions such as DataTrak, that allow gym owners and managers to track and manage memberships and schedules, drive member engagement, and automate payment processing functions.


ABC Financial’s software was outdated and didn’t support the increasing volume that the business projected. Internal research showed it was necessary to replace the existing software in order to avoid incurring losses in the near future. According to the forecast, ABC Financial would not have been able to engage new gym memberships due to their software restrictions. To get in front of this, the company approached Exadel about the challenge.


Exadel brought scalable multi-team scrum best practices and outside-the-box recommendations to help the customer develop a new ABC Financial platform that adheres to the latest business requirements. It is an innovative, highly scalable cloud based platform with robust event driven architecture featuring comprehensive APIs.

Exadel is utilizing the following technologies to make this change:

  • Back end: Java, Microservices, Kafka, PostgreSQL
  • Front end:  Node.js, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux
  • Mobile: HTML5, JS, CSS3
  • DevOps: AWS / S3, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins (Hudson)


Without the new software, the ABC Financial’s customers would not be able to sell gym memberships. With Exadel’s input, the client was able to retain their customers’ membership bases and generate more income. Additionally, the new software decreases manual errors and makes the execution time faster. The full business value will become evident by the end of 2019, when the client originally projected they’d start to incur losses if their old software wasn’t replaced.

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