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About First Cal

First California Mortgage Company (First Cal) specializes in providing mortgages to homebuyers. They have been operating out of the Bay Area of California since 1977 and take pride in assisting homebuyers through the entire process of obtaining a home loan.


First Cal was looking to transform their loan approval process from an antiquated paper-heavy, system into a streamlined process that allowed customers to get more accurate information in less time. To this end, they enlisted the help of Exadel to create a web-based electronic loan processing system.


At the time, Exadel had nearly a decade of experience creating tools for financial institutions like, Deutsche Bank and Bank of America, and therefore already had experts that specialized in software engineering for the market. The aim was to create an online rules engine that would allow a broker to enter customer data and quickly view all eligible loan products. After the customer and broker had chosen a loan product that was suitable, they could see options that allowed them to select adjustments and pricing information. At the end of the process the system would automatically notify all relevant parties via email, which would initiate the loan process.


Using an open source platform, Exadel created a tool that is stable and solid at a core level. The program has far less errors than the previous paper method, and a process that used to take an entire hour just to process loan information now takes twenty minutes start to finish. This incredible leap in efficiency has had numerous financial benefits for First Cal as a business.

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